Advantages and Disadvantages Of Social Media

They say phones bring us closer to the people who are far away and leave those who are close to us feeling like they are not near us. The youth are culprits of this as they tend to concentrate more on their phones than socializing with those people around them. This has led to a collapse in physical social networking as people do not concentrate on what is around them. At home you might find that the parents are busy on their phones talking to workmates whereas the children are busy texting. This leads to poor relationship in the house and where the parents have no clue what is happening to their kids.

What happened to the golden days where parents were very close to their kids and during dinner people bothered to check on how each other spent the day. Now days since technology has taken over no one seems to care what is happening around them. Instead they tend to figure out what is happening on twitter or instragam. Kids are competing to see who has the most likes rather than who has the highest grades in class. It is a competition to find out who is the best dressed and who has the cutest boyfriend.

Such is the rot in the society that some of these kids can’t go a day without their mobile phones. The mobile phones are becoming important than the air we breathe. We have no time for each other, When is the last time you personally went to check on your neighbor to see if he/she is doing ok. Technology comes with its benefits but some of the very basic etiquettes have been shown the door. We don’t care what is happening right in front of our eyes and if we do not take care Technology will be the end of the human race as a whole.

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