Famous Geeks That Made It

Back in the day being called a geek made one feel like an outcast. Back in the day it did not matter how smart you are but all it took for you to get noticed is how cute you looked and how rich you are. But there is a new breed of geeks who are taking over the world. Take a look at the Late Steve Jobs, who would have thought that such a guy would revolutionize technology like the way he did. He is not just a nerd but a genius who brought the world closer with his imaginative brain.

Imagine what the world would have been without nerds. Let’s take a look at Bill Gates a local nerd who decides to take the world onto another level with his dream of windows. He brought the computing world to a standstill when he created one of the most used operating systems in the world. You cannot this as a mere feat considering all the time and hard work he put onto his research. While most of the kids his age were out partying and having sex, he was busy thinking of how to change the world.

Ever wondered what you would have done to change the world as a teen. Those guys you considered as nerds are the ones changing the world. They are heading companies such as facebook which is one of the most used social networks in the world. I tend to wonder how life was for these young lads as they grew up in an era that cared about how you looked and how you dressed. Most of the nerds defied all the odds and did what is best to make the world what it is right now.

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