Is Being Nerd a Bad Thing Or A Good Thing?

When looking at the movies one finds out how hard it is growing up as a nerd kid. You will see the challenges that come with one knowing what most of the kids his age don’t know. These kids live in a world of seclusion and rarely get along with their peers. If you were a nerd in your high school days you might be a living testimony of how hard it is growing up with such kids. Most of the nerd kids are into technology and most of them learn programming at a very tender age. I have watched dozens of videos on youtube of kids who can do things I never thought of doing at their age. Do not be shocked to find out that some of these kids have master’s degrees at a very tender age.

Most parents find it hard raising nerd kids as they are too smart and don’t have a good social life. You will find a geek boy who spends most his time on the laptop whereas most kids his age are busy chasing after girls or enjoying video games. You will wonder how this kid will cope with the world once he grows up.

Technology is a way for these kids to let off some steam as they showcase their skills. You will not find most of the geeks partaking in outdoor events but rather in their rooms. They do not like playing sports and are busy designing or doing something that is beyond even their parents’ knowledge. It is really hard raising a nerd kid since you have to understand how they operate and you should be able to give them the space they require when they are doing whatever it is they find interesting.

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