Being A Nerd, The Cool Part!

Being a nerd is the new cool. Nothing defines a nerd more than technology. Contrary to the popular belief that for one to become a nerd you must wear geeky sunglass, nerds are everywhere and are surely taking over the technology world. Most of the girlfriends wish their boyfriends were a little geeky so that they can get help when it comes to technology. Most of the hot ladies don’t know much about technology and therefore need that geeky guy to help them access that wi-fi connection and all the other forms of internet connection.

Time of nerds being shun in the society is long gone. The nerds hold a key to the future as they help normal people traverse the modern age. You might have forgotten the password to your phone and wondering how you will access it but good for you there is a nerd around the corner who will gladly help you and make your troubles go away. When it comes to mobile phones, nerds know what an average human being has no clue about. You might be using your phone only for calls and sending text messages but once you give the same device to a nerd you will be shocked with what they can do within a day. These are the kind of people you don’t give your phone without making sure that your password is on.

Nerds also have hacking capabilities and you might think that the data in your computer is secure but once they press some keys on the keyboard they have access to your entire email history including your bank statements. I know of nerds who made my life a living hell while in campus as they went through my computer exposing my dirty laundry to my friends.

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