Sony Xperia Z5 Features and Data

Enjoy the new water resistant Sony Xperia Z5 phone. For all the nerds out there you know how amazing Sony Xperia Phones can be. This one is definitely out of this world. It is not just a personal device but a gadget that has been custom made to meet your needs. It does not matter what age you are or what your occupation is, Sony Xperia Z5 has a touch of class in its design and makes it worth every penny. Maybe you went out swimming and accidentally your phone drops into the water. Worry no more as the phone is water resistant and can stay inside water for about 30 minutes without It getting damaged.

If you love a phone that can give you enough memory space to store all your files and apps then this is the phone for you. The phone has an internal memory of 32 gigabytes that allows you to store as much files as you feel like. The Sony Xperia also gives you the ultimate selfie experience as one is able to take high resolution selfies that will truly blow your brains off.

The Sony Xperia Z5 is not just a phone but a device that connects you to the world. It acts as a gadget that makes you interact with those close to you and those that are miles away from you. It is a phone that provides you with all the platforms including facebook, twitter and instagram. All these are just a click away. The body design of this phone is surely one to die for as it comes in colors that will surely blow you away. You can find it in the white sexy color and also one can buy it in its amazing black color.

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