Technology, The Future And The Past

Each passing day the technology becomes better and better bringing mankind closer than they have ever been before. It is thanks to the geeky nerds that the telephone was invented and people were able to communicate notwithstanding the distance. You can speak to your friend who is probably miles away from you. We are living at the time and age where technology drives everything. From what we eat to what we wear technology is involved somehow. If you are hungry and need something to bite you can just order the food online and someone will have it delivered at your place. This is the beauty of technology it cater for whatever you need. It does not matter if you are wasted. Don’t worry Uber have it covered and you will have a Taxi come pick you wherever you are.

You want to go to a concert and you are sure that the tickets will be sold out, you don’t have to worry since you can also book your tickets in advance just by the click of a button you have yourself front sits to your favorite musician show. Technology also comes in handy when it comes to travelling as people can book their travel tickets from the comfort of their living rooms. Gone are the days of queuing in lines all day so as to get that ticket to your desired destination. You also have the chance to reschedule your trip whenever you see fit. It is an evolved world that makes service delivery faster and makes sure the running of day today activities goes smoothly. Ever wondered where we would have been without technology. I tend to wonder how long ago people used to survive without technology. It bewilders me that there was a time people could not communicate without being at the same location.

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