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Meta Eyes Another Moderator With ‘Traumatizing’ Work Conditions

Employees of outsourcing company Majorel have accused it of underpaying moderators and failing to support them.

Cheaters Hacked an AI Bot—and Beat the Rocket League Elite

Expert players of the popular vehicular soccer game have been caught out by lesser players using a superhuman bot built on cutting-edge machine learning.

Life as a 21st-Century Trucker

Technology, corporate greed, and supply-chain chaos are transforming life behind the wheel of a big rig. I went on the road to find exactly how.

Algorithms Allegedly Penalized Black Renters. The DOJ Is Watching

The Department of Justice warned a provider of tenant-screening software that its technology must comply with reasonable housing law.

ChatGPT Has Investors Drooling—but Can It Bring Home the Bacon?

The loquacious bot has Microsoft ready to sink a reported $10 billion into OpenAI. It’s unclear what products can be built on the technology.

Twitter Is a Megaphone for ‘Sudden Death’ Vaccine Conspiracies

By reinstating banned accounts and selling blue checks, Musk has supercharged “the most dangerous” Covid disinformation.

The US Far Right Helped Stoke the Attack on Brazil’s Congress

Right-wing networks from Brazil and the US fueled calls for violence. Experts accuse tech platforms of looking the other way.

Twitter Promised Them Severance. They Got Nothing

Staff laid off by Elon Musk were assured they would be compensated following mass cuts. As the deadline passes, the silence has been deafening.

The Slow Death of Surveillance Capitalism Has Begun

A European Union ruling against Meta marks the beginning of the end of targeted ads.

My Week With the Future of Garbage Bins

A device called Mill from veterans of Nest, the smart-thermostat creator, transforms your would-be kitchen waste into chicken feed.

Tech Workers Fight for Iran Protesters as Big Tech Plays It Safe

Companies like Google have offered a muted response to unrest in Iran. Grassroots coders are tackling internet censorship on their own.

A Damning US Report Lays Bare Amazon’s Worker Injury Crisis

Investigators found that conditions in three of the company’s facilities risk “serious physical harm” to workers.

Quantum Startups’ Stock Market Dreams Are Decohering

A shortcut to going public, called a SPAC, helped early-stage tech companies raise money. Now some are struggling slumps.

Metaverse Landlords Are Creating a New Class System

Virtual landowners have found a way to put their investments to work, but with unintended consequences.

FTX Has Wrecked the Crypto Party in Paradise

The digital currency exchange’s stupendous fallout has put native Web3 companies in the Bahamas on the back foot.

No One Will Escape the FTX Fallout

Try as they might, crypto companies pressured by the trading platform’s collapse are failing to bail themselves out.

The Year the NFT Died and Came Back to Life

The market for non-fungible tokens took a nosedive this year. Now, die-hard evangelists think the key to success is finding different ways to use them.

Big Tech’s Layoffs Highlight How the US Fails Immigrant Workers

Decades-old visa rules mean that job cuts disadvantage workers, companies, and perhaps the whole country.

Right-to-Repair Advocates Question John Deere’s New Promises

The tractor maker is accused of blocking farmers from fixing their own equipment. A new agreement offers concessions—but campaigners say it’s not enough.

Clearview Stole My Face and the EU Can't Do Anything About It

One man’s battle to reclaim his face shows regulators across the bloc are failing to reprimand the US face search engine.

The Gig Law Causing Chaos in California Strip Clubs

Dancers say a law to protect individuals working at ride-hailing and food delivery apps has been used to undercut their livelihoods. 

Your Google Searches Are Quietly Evolving. Here’s What’s Next

We went behind the scenes to create sense of Shopping, Ads, and the changes that will shape your internet searches.

Apple’s App Review Fix Fails to Placate Developers

After bad press about its App Store rules, Apple added a way to challenge app rejections. Creators say projects sowever obtain blocked for no good reason.

High-Tech Cars Are Killing the Auto Repair Shop

Many independent auto shops can’t afford the equipment needed to fix today’s complex vehicles. Prepare to wait longer for repairs.

Apple Is an Ad Company Now

Pushing more ads at users would compensate for slowing smartphone sales but risks annoying Apple fans—and antitrust regulators.

The Collapse of the UK’s Electric Vehicle Champion

Britishvolt promised investors it would be the cornerstone of the country’s battery industry. Now it faces bankruptcy.

How Airports Catch Illicit Radioactive Cargo

Hidden screening devices are used to course the movement of dangerous materials—and recently caught a shipment of uranium at London’s Heathrow Airport.

People Love Electric Vehicles! Now Comes the Hard Part

EV sales are booming. But to keep the momentum going and create a dent in carbon emissions, the US will have to build a vast new charging infrastructure

The FAA Outage Lays Bare an Essential System Everyone Hates

A glitch in the so-called NOTAM system caused the agency to ground flights across the US. But its problems go back years.