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The Unrelenting Menace of the LockBit Ransomware Gang

The notorious Russian-speaking cybercriminals grew successful by keeping a low profile. But now they have a target on their backs.

A Major App Flaw Exposed the Data of Millions of Indian Students

A mandatory app exposed the personal information of students and teachers across the country for over a year.

The Biggest US Surveillance Program You Didn’t Know About

Plus: A leaked US “no fly” list, the SCOTUS leaker slips investigators, and PayPal gets stuffed.

T-Mobile’s $150 Million Security Plan Isn’t Cutting It

The mobile operator just suffered at least its fifth data breach since 2018, despite promising to spend a fortune shoring up its systems.

Spy Cams Reveal the Grim Reality of Slaughterhouse Gas Chambers

Animal rights activists have captured the first hidden-camera video from inside a carbon dioxide “stunning chamber” in a US meatpacking plant.

All the Data Apple Collects About You—and How to Limit It

Cupertino puts privacy first in a lot of its products. But the company sowever gathers a bunch of your information.

A Russian Ransomware Gang Attack Destabilizes UK Royal Mail

Plus: Joe Biden’s classified-documents scandal, the end of security support for Windows 7, and more.

The Password Isn’t Dead Yet. You Need a Hardware Key

Any multifactor authentication adds protection, but a physical token is the best bet when it really counts.

Yes, It’s Time to Ditch LastPass

The password manager’s most recent data breach is so concerning, users need to take prompt steps to protect themselves.

The Best Password Managers to Secure Your Digital Life

Keep your logins locked down with our favorite apps for PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, and web browsers.

What You Should Know Before Using the Lensa AI App

Are you thinking about uploading some selfies and buying a pack of ‘Magic Avatars’? Consider these expert tips first.

The Small but Mighty Danger of Echo Chamber Extremism

Research shows that relatively few individuals exist in perfectly sealed-off media bubbles—but they’re sowever having an outsize impact on US politics.

Welcome to the Era of Internet Blackouts

New research from Cloudflare shows that connectivity disruptions are becoming a problem around the globe, pointing toward a troubling new normal.

A Sneaky Ad Scam Tore Through 11 Million Phones

Some 1,700 spoofed apps, 120 targeted publishers, 12 billion false ad requests per day—Vastflux is one of the biggest ad frauds ever discovered.

A Police App Exposed Secret Details About Raids and Suspects

SweepWizard, an app that law enforcement used to coordinate raids, left touchy information about hundreds of police operations publicly accessible.